Jump by Aleki Schaumkel

Jump by Aleki Schaumkel


Helpless, hopeless, full of shame and guilt, just wanting it all to end.

Aleki’s life was a mess and something had to give.

This book is a hero’s journey about a man who went through the gutter and came out the other end. Past traumas and challenges filled him with pain and hurt that he projected on others, and all of these emotions held Aleki in an unconscious pattern of destruction and self-sabotage.

Unequipped with life’s tools required to overcome these hurdles, Aleki first had to acknowledge he had a problem, and avoid behaviours that no longer served him to discover a better version himself. This self-realisation soon set Aleki on a healing journey of self-love and recovery.

Still here today and ready to share his story with the world, Aleki knows first-hand how it is possible to overcome the biggest challenge of all – finding a way to live a full and happy life.

Just when you think it’s over… it’s NOT.


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