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Aleki Schaumkel


My name is Aleki Schaumkel. From a young age I was blessed with many life experiences that moulded me into the leader I have become today. At the time it was definitely challenging but as the saying goes, pressure creates diamonds.

Being blessed with these experiences equipped me with the tools I would need to to navigate the experiences to come which continued to build a strong character. I am fortunate to have experienced two beautiful marriages and have been blessed with six amazing children who inspire me on a daily basis.

Since 1989, I have been involved in the construction industry, and I have owned and operated my own construction business since 2007. It was the culture in construction that I saw clearly needed to change but had the realization that I couldn’t change anything before first changing myself. Over the following decade I invested in myself, my mindset and expanding my awareness. This allowed me to develop my leadership skills and work on various projects across the globe. In 2019, I established All Brothers Unite, a construction company that empowers young men and women to cultivate better leaders.

As a mental health advocate, public speaker, published speaker, consultant and mentor, I use my knowledge and life experiences to assist others in overcoming obstacles and achieving their objectives. My intention is that my personal journey will inspire you to pursue your dreams and become the best version of yourself. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me.

Aleki Speaks

Life Speaking

Aleki Speaks

As a leader and mentor, I am passionate about empowering individuals to become the best version of themselves. My focus is on raising self-awareness and equipping audiences with tools and knowledge to better understand themselves. I strongly believe that true confidence comes from being vulnerable, which is why I share personal stories and experiences during my presentations. Through my speeches, I showcase real leadership by emphasising the importance of taking ownership and responsibility for one’s actions.

I bring a solution-based attitude to teams and organisations, encouraging positivity and optimism to overcome challenges and achieve goals. I emphasise the importance of kindness, compassion, effective communication, and physical touch to create safe and inclusive environments at work, in sports teams, families, and at home. If you’re seeking an inspiring speaker to help you and your team grow both personally and professionally, I am an excellent choice.

All Brothers Unite


All Brothers Unite

As the leader of All Brothers Unite, I prioritize upholding our core values of respect, love, and integrity in everything we do. We believe in loving everyone and everything, but most importantly, loving yourself first.

Our group is committed to making a positive shift in the construction industry by setting an example of positive and collaborative behaviour. We strive to equip the members of our team with the knowledge and tools they need to lead in all areas of their lives. Our top priority is to create a safe and equal work environment where the members of our team can communicate openly and honestly without fear of judgment. We encourage healthy decisions and lifestyles to support our employees’ mental and physical endurance, and we hold each other accountable when it comes to work ethic.